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Nara Sushi in Vejle

by Sanne
King prawns at Nara sushi in Vejle

Trine and I almost always end up at Djengis Khan Mongolian Barbecue in Fredericia, but lately, Nara Sushi has appeared on our radar. They have all-you-can-eat sushi and lots of other small dishes that you order from the menu, and it is only 188DKK which I think is a really good deal.

Spicy Tuna at Nara Sushi in Vejle

Most of the food is really tasty such as the rice paper rolls with raw salmon and the nigiri with spicy tuna. Though the duck has been quite dry and boring all the times we have been there, so I will skip that in the future.

Nara Sushi, Vejle, Denmark
Nara Sushi, Vejle Denmark

It is Trine’s birthday today so I went to her house to wake her up and sing her a birthday song at 6:30 in the morning. She was not too happy about that, so I was sent away and told to come back again after 9:)

Danish breakfast
Birthday girl

I then went to the baker to get Danish bread rolls, but I could not help notice the Kaj cakes, which must have been the ugliest Kaj-cakes I have ever seen. I had to buy one, just to see if Kaj tasted better than he looked, and luckily, he did

Kaj cake, Denmark
Ugly Kaj cake

Nara Sushi, Dæmningen 42A, 7100 Vejle, Denmark

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