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Seoul: Noryangjin Fish Market

Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul

Noryangjin is the big fish market in Seoul. You can buy all sorts of fish and seafood at the market, and if it swims, you’ll most probably find it here. Many of the vendors have large aquariums out front. You point at the fish/crab/squid/mussel you want, and it is then pulled out of the water for immediate killing and wrapping.

If you want, you can bring your catch to one of the nearby restaurants, which are located one stair up in the new fish market.  For a small fee (typically 7000-10,000 KRW) the restaurant will cook it according to your preferences and serve it for you with a range of side dishes. You don’t need to bring your own fish though, as most restaurants also offer a selection of a la carte dishes.

Noryangjin is smaller than the fish market in Tokyo, and most vendors cater to individuals and not just wholesalers. This makes Noryangjin a friendlier place for those of us, who aren’t planning to buy a 50kg Bluefin tuna at the auction. The atmosphere is also more relaxed, and nobody seems to care that you’re just there to have a look and take some photos.

How to get to Noryangjin Fish Market?

It think it’s easiest to take the metro to Noryangjin Station and follow the signs for Exit 7. The market is located a short walk from the station, and you can see the building from the street as you exit the station. There are also a few signs to point you in the right direction. On the way, you pass through a tunnel where they’re selling dried fish and vegetables.

The new Noryangjin Fish market is hard to miss, but the old one is more hidden. If you’re standing with your back to the tunnel, facing the new fish market, the old fish market is to the right of the new fish market, inside what looks like an old parking basement.

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