NYC: Drinks at the Lovelace – Financial District

by Sanne
The Lovelace, Financial District, New York

When I was in New York earlier this month, I stayed at a hotel in Financial District, and one of the nights, I met with Ana for a drink at Lovelace. It was a busy night, but we were told that if we didn’t mind sharing, they could fit us in at a large table in the corner. We didn’t mind.

They had oyster happy hour so we ordered a dozen, because 1$ oysters are one of the things that I just can’t resist. Happy hour oysters are often really small and hard to distinguish from the brine, but the ones at Lovelace were meaty and delicious. The bar also had an impressive selection of gin, so we had each our gin drink with..? I forgot what we had, but from the color, I think it might have been mandarin? Or maybe apricot?

It was a really nice place and if it hadn’t been a weeknight, I think we would have stayed longer. Financial District is really changing, and even though it might never become as hip and trendy as Lower East Side or as chic and stylish as SoHo and West Village, there’s definitely something going on with regards to bars as well as dining. Furthermore, there’s often some really good hotel deals in the area, especially over the weekend, when Wall Street is closed, so FiDi is absolutely worth considering when deciding where to stay in New York.

The Lovelace, 66 Pearl Street, Financial District, NYC

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