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Recipe: My Easy-Breezy Breakfast Bowl with Berryfect Bilberry Powder

Breakfast bowl with Bilberry Powder

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My latest breakfast craze is the purple Berryfect Bilberry Powder, and this post is dedicated to show you how I’m using this healthy berry-powder from Finland.  I first wanted to style my breakfast bowl with lots of it-fruits and superfood, but I changed my mind last minute.Because the purpose of this post is to show you how ordinary, busy people like me (and you?) can easily use Bilberry Powder and add something healthy to our breakfast routine without too much of an effort. Besides, I can honestly say, that my fridge is only rarely stuffed with it-fruits and superfood.

My breakfast bowl is therefore completely back to basics, and it only consists of 3 ingredients: Vanilla Skyr (an Icelandic dairy product, you can use yogurt instead), hazelnuts and Bilberry Powder. The vanilla skyr is quite sweet, but if you want to add more sweetness, you can drizzle a little honey on top of the bowl. And don’t let the fancy swirl scare you away. The bowl tastes absolutely brilliant even without the swirl, and to be honest, that swirl was driving me crazy! I thought I would just drizzle the powder over the skyr and make a nice pattern, but it didn’t work at all. Instead I drizzled Bilberry Powder all over the bowl and carved out the pattern with a spoon afterwards.

Bilberries are wild blueberries, and the ones used to make Berryfect Bilberry Powder are from the deep forests in Finland. Most blueberries sold in grocery stores are light green inside, but bilberries are deep purple, and they have a more intense flavor. Berryfect Bilberry Powder consists of 100% dried bilberries without any preservatives or added sugar, but with the full benefits from all the good things the fresh bilberries contain. The content of a small sachet of Bilberry powder is equal to 30 grams of fresh berries, so Bilberry powder is both a practical and cost efficient way of getting all the good things from the berries all year round. The powder itself doesn’t taste of much, but it looks great on photos, don’t you think?

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Another one of my favorite breakfast recipes is oatmeal with almond milk.

If you’re located in Dubai, and you want to get your own supply of Berryfect Bilberry Powder you can buy it at Ripe Farm Al Manara, or at the Bilberry.ae online store.

If you’re residing outside UAE, you can make your purchase at the Berryfect website. They offer worldwide delivery. 

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