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San Francisco: Dinner at Absinthe

by Sanne
Dinner at Absinthe, French bistro in San Francisco

After the Good Food Awards, we went to Absinthe to celebrate. The restaurant was a recommendation from the Good Food Awards, and the food was quite good, but I think it was a little strange that they recommended a restaurant, where the kitchen closes at 9pm, considering that it was 8:30pm, before the ceremony was done and we arrived at the restaurant for dinner. Everything was therefore a bit rushed, and we had to hurry to order a starter and main course, before the kitchen closed.

As a starter, we all chose French onion soup, and as a main course Tina and Rebecca got a fish dish, while I had pasta with mushrooms, which I think was actually an appetizer, but which tasted really good.

Absinthe was busy that night and it seemed like there were a lot of regulars dropping by for dinner and drinks. At the table next to ours, there was a really cute dog, peeking out from under the tablecloth, until she finally gathered enough courage, and ventured out to say hello.

It is rare that you see dogs at restaurants in Denmark, and in Dubai I don’t even think dogs are allowed, but in San Francisco, dog joining their humans for dinner, seemed to be more the rule than the exception, especially at cafes and more casual restaurants. Super cozy!

Absinthe, 398 Hayes St at Gough, San Francisco

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