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San Francisco: Good Food Awards 2022

by Sanne
Good Food Awards 2022, The Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

Tina and Hungry Bird Eats won a Good Food Award for the Rye & Sea Salt Nordic Crisps, and the awards ceremony was in San Francisco. The Good Food Awards are only given to tasty products made from high quality ingredients, and the award is a really big deal, if you are a food entrepreneur, so Tina asked Rebecca from Spread-mmms and I, if we would join her for San Francisco to celebrate.

The Good Food Awards should have been in January, but due to covid it was postponed to the beginning of March. The award ceremony was held at the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts, which is located in picturesque settings, next to a small lake with Kodak moments written all over the place. Though it was it was super cold and windy that day, so after snapping a few quick shots, we hurried inside.

Before the ceremony, the finalists and guests all gathered for a pre-reception where we could sample some of the winning products. There was hot chocolate, honey candy and different kinds of beer and cider. We also tasted some delicious dumplings from China Live, which were served along with two award-winning sauces. Many of the ready-made Asian sauces and oils you find on the shelves in the supermarket contains some rather sketchy ingredients, so it was really nice to try sauces made from clean, good ingredients, without compromising on taste.

For the ceremony, all the winners were called up on stage to receive the physical award, which for the snack category was in the form of a snack bag. Some very inspiring speeches were given along the way, and served as a good reminder, that life is too short for bad food, and that we should support the makers, who are making those high quality, tasty alternatives available on the shelves in the grocery- and specialty food stores. Congratulations on the Good Food Award Tina! It’s an impressive achievement!

On the Good Food Awards website, there is a video speech to the winners from René Redzepi. You can watch it here >>

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