Milkshake Scarf



It was love at first sight, when I saw this scarf. The color combination is just right, and the scarf is big enough to drape it over your shoulders instead of a cardigan. It looks great with a white shirt and jeans, but you can also pair it with an all-white outfit as I have done in the photos.

Material: 100% handwoven cotton

The scarf measures 19.5″ x 73″

Made in Thailand


Who made the Milkshake Scarf?

The scarf is designed by the women at Chimmuwa, which is a part of Borderline Collective in Mae Sot, Thailand. Chimmuwa was founded by Sylvia and Nor-Nor with the purpose of providing employment opportunities and job training for young female migrants and refugees from Myanmar.

Chimmuwa purchases the handwoven cotton fabric from villages in the northern part of Thailand and turn it into beautiful items like this scarf.

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Borderline Collective in Mae Sot, Thailand

Borderline Collective is located in Mae Sot, which is about the closest you get to Myanmar, while still being on the Thai side of the border. The shop/restaurant/art gallery/creative space was started with the purpose of supporting migrant and refugee women from Myanmar, by helping the women sell their handmade products. The women are organized in smaller, autonomous, collectives based in the small villages along the border, and Borderline Collective provides a space for the women to showcase their products, and thus reach a larger customer base.

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