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Here is the cookbook with all the dishes from Borderline Collective’s Tea Garden Cafe in Mae Sot. Mae Sot is located close to the border between Thailand and Myanmar, and the city also hosts a large number of Myanmar refugees and immigrants, and Tea Garden was originally started with the purpose of offering the people in Mae Sot an opportunity to taste delicious food from Myanmar.

Tea Garden is a vegetarian cafe, and all the dishes in the booklet are vegetarian versions of traditional Myanmar dishes. While many of the recipes can be found on my website, the booklet provides unique insights of the cultural context of the food as well as the stories behind the recipes and the ingredients, which you will not find anywhere else. Furthermore, the purchase of the cookbook also adds to the income of Borderline Collective’s shop and help the group fund the various projects.

You can find videos with instructions for some of the recipes on my YouTube channel. The videos are shot in the Tea Garden Cafe kitchen, featuring chef Nge Nge explaining the different steps in the recipes. We are aiming to provide videos for all the recipes in the future.

Borderline Collective in Mae Sot, Thailand

Borderline Collective is located in Mae Sot, which is about the closest you get to Myanmar, while still being on the Thai side of the border. The shop/restaurant/art gallery/creative space was started with the purpose of supporting migrant and refugee women from Myanmar, by helping the women sell their handmade products. The women are organized in smaller, autonomous, collectives based in the small villages along the border, and Borderline Collective provides a space for the women to showcase their products, and thus reach a larger customer base.

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