NYC: Poké Bowls at Sons of Thunder

by Sanne
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Do you remember Sue? The girl I met last summer in New York City, and who I ended up spending most of my days plus a lot of crazy, fun nights out with? When I was in the city last month, we were both busy, but of course we managed to squeeze in some playdates, and one of them was at Sons of Thunder.

Despite Sons of Thunder’s burger logo, the Murray Hill spot is primarily known for poké bowls, which is rice topped with raw fish and vegetables, a bit like a pimped version of the Japanese donburi. If there were a such thing as it-food (there isn’t, right?), then you’d probably find poké bowls among the top 5 right now. In Hawaii, they’ve been eating poké bowls for decades, and I hope that the poke bowls are here to stay, because this is one of the things I could eat for lunch every day.

The healthy and tasty poké bowls have taken New York City by storm and Sons of Thunder is one of the best places to try this delicious Hawaiian specialty. Haven’t heard about poke bowls before? There are many different kinds, but usually it’s raw fish on top of rice, garnished with vegetables and a soy-based marinade.

At Sons of Thunder, you can choose between brown rice and white rice and add extras, such as avocado, edamame and tofu.
The poké bowls start at $9 for the vegetarian versions with tofu or golden beets, but if you like raw fish, then you should go for the Half + Half ($13 with ahi tuna and raw salmon).

Sons of Thunder also serves hotdogs, fries and shakes.

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Sons of Thunder, 204 East 38th Street, New York, NY 10016, Tel: +1 (646) 863-2212

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