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Vejle: Sushi and Strawberry Ramune

by Sanne
Strawberry Ramune at Nara Sushi, Vejle

After a long hiatus, Trine and I were back for all-you-can-eat sushi at Nara yesterday. The reason for our long break from Nara was that we tried Bar’sushi a couple of months ago, and we both agreed that it was a tiny bit better than Nara.

Bar’sushi thus became our new favorite sushi place in Vejle, but a month ago, Bar’sushi closed, and a new sushi restaurant with a similar, all-you-can-eat concept opened. Unfortunately, it was not very good, and after one disappointing evening, we returned to good old Nara again.

It really is great value for money, and even though the sushi is a little heavy on the tuna/salmon side, the selection is nice, and the quality consistently good.

I would usually order Coke Zero on autopilot, but they had these new tablet menu cards, so I had to go through the entire beverage menu to place my order, and guess what? They had Strawberry Ramune! Ramune is a Japanese cult soda, known for the glass marble which seals the bottle and keep the drink fizzy. You break the seal with the special cap, which you use to push down the marble in the bottle.  

When drinking from the bottle, the trick is to hold it so that the marble roll into one of the two grooves in the bottleneck, or else, it will block the flow and make it difficult to drink. Luckily, my strawberry Ramune came with a straw, so I did not have to worry about that.

And how does Strawberry Ramune taste? Sweet and synthetic, in a wonderful, nostalgic way.

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