The Sunny Side of Zurich

by Sanne
Zurich blog

Visiting Zurich was a spontaneous whim, primarily triggered by a need to get out of Dubai. At this time of the year, Dubai is excruciatingly hot, and I was desperate to get my share of European summer. One of my friends, who I haven’t seen for ages, lives in Zurich, so when she asked, if I wanted to come by, it was all the reason I needed to pack my bags.

I’ve previously visited Zurich more than 20 times, but that was when I was working as a cabin crew. We always stayed at a hotel close to the airport, and for some reason, I didn’t go in to the city center very often. I mostly remember Zurich as cold and rainy, and the stores were always closed, when I was there. One of the times when the stores weren’t closed, I went inside this very posh department store, as I wanted to purchase some Swiss chocolate and have a look around.

I was wearing my standard layover outfit, which was more comfortable than stylish, and after a while I noticed that there’s a lady following me around the store. When I got back to the hotel I realized that it was probably a loss prevention agent! I guess that’s what you get, when you go shopping in your yoga pants.

This time Zurich was much nicer. The sun was shining every single day, and the jacket I had brought, just in case, never made it out of the suitcase. I spent my time exploring the narrow, maze-like streets of the city, allowing myself to get lost and just be. The food, the people and the picture-perfect surroundings completely swept me off my feet, and I had the most amazing stay in this wonderful city. I also had some pretty amazing pancakes, when Regitze invited me for brunch at her place. You can see them in the photos below:


sileas July 14, 2017 - 2:52 pm

This looks so nice, quiet and peaceful – somewhat different to New York! At least you can walk around with yoga pants here without any problems 😉

Victoria @The British Berliner July 26, 2017 - 11:52 am

‘Looks great! I love being in Switzerland but haven’t yet been to Zürich!


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