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A weekend in Trysil: The Cabin

by Sanne
Cabin in Trysil, Norway

The cabin we had rented was absolutely amazing. It had a fireplace, a sauna and an outdoor Jacuzzi, and everything was clean and new. We were 10 persons staying there, and I think we could have been 10 more, and still it wouldn’t have felt crowded. AC said the owner had told us we were among the first to rent the cabin. According to AC, the standard was a lot higher than at any other cabins she had previously rented. Furthermore, the cabin was located directly on the mountain side, so we could just put our skis on, step out and start skiing.

We got up early Saturday morning and after a hearty breakfast with eggs, bacon and bread, we were ready to hit the slopes. In the afternoon, our original plan was to go for after ski, but since most of us were exhausted, we decided to stay in the cabin instead.
When you’ve rented a cabin with Jacuzzi, it would be a shame not to use it, so after dinner it was time for a dip. Sitting outside in the hot water was truly amazing, but yikes, it was cold, when we later had to get up and walk through the snow to get inside again. A good excuse to gather around the fireplace with a glass of whiskey!

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