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Oslo: Reindeer pizza at Tranen

by Sanne
Reindeer pizza at Tranen, Oslo

This weekend I’m in Oslo visiting AC. I arrived rather late Friday night, so after dumping my luggage at her place, we rushed down to Tranen just in time for our 21:00 table reservation.
Tranen used to be a French restaurant, but recently, the place turned into a pizza restaurant instead and that was a wise decision, judging from the full tables and the delicious smell of gourmet pizzas.

You can choose between a red base with tomato or a white base with crème fraiche, cheese and white wine and the toppings are a mix of traditional Italian ingredients and all the best Norwegian tidbits. The most popular pizza is the one with reindeer and pomegranate seeds, so this was the one I decided to try. The distinct taste of reindeer carpaccio went perfectly with the bitter sweetness from pomegranate seeds and the white base provided the perfect canvas.

It was no doubt the best pizza I’ve ever had in Norway. If you’ve ever had pizzas in Norway you know, that a statement like that isn’t worth a lot, because Norway has a lot of really bad pizzas, so let me take it a bit further and say it’s among the top 5 pizzas I’ve had through the years, and I’ve eaten many pizzas in my life:)

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