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Oslo: Sognsvann on a Sunday

by Sanne
Sognsvann, oslo

In Norway, a lot of people (including AC) are really into hiking. They would spend an afternoon walking ten kilometers or more in mountainous terrain without even feeling sweaty. I’m not like that. Too much nature scares me, so when AC suggested a quick Sunday walk around the Sognsvann Lake a little north of Oslo, I had my guards up.

“I didn’t bring my hiking shoes” I tried (as if I had ever owned a pair of hiking shoes) “and besides it’s getting cold outside, so maybe it’s better if we just go for a walk downtown?”

But AC needed her weekly dose of fresh air, so after she had assured me that no, we wouldn’t have to camp outside and no, I wouldn’t be eaten by wild animals, I gave in, and we drove up to the lake.

Based on the number of cars at the parking lot next to where the hiking trail began, one would think that the entire Oslo population had decided to walk around Sognsvann. There were so many cars, and the trail around the lake was so packed with people that it felt like Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai during rush hour.

It took us a little more than an hour to finish the 3.3km walk around the lake, and I think we could have finished it a lot faster, if it weren’t because I had to stop and take pictures all the time. It was so beautiful up there, and even though you had to watch out for the joggers, who were everywhere and who would mumble something annoyed in Norwegian if you accidentally blocked their path, it was still a very nice and relaxing afternoon.

Afterwards, we drove up to the top of Holmenkollen and had lunch at Frognerseteren. I had hoped for Norwegian waffles with rømme (Norwegian sour cream) and sylt (jam), but they didn’t sell it at Frognerseteren, so I settled for an open sandwich with shrimp and a cup of hot chocolate. Might sound like a strange combo, but it was delicious.

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