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Oslo – Lazy days in the sun

by Sanne
Summer in Oslo

The weather was wonderful during my days in Oslo, and we spent most of the time out in the sun on the balcony. Anna-Carin is also passionate about food, so we cooked all the meals together and grasped the opportunity to exchange recipes and try out different techniques.

Anna-Carin had bought a bunch of fresh white asparagus in Germany and I’m quite good at making hollandaise sauce, so we decided to make that for lunch one of the days. The sauce turned out fine and I put it aside on what I thought was a cold cooking plate.

Unfortunately the plate was on, so within minutes, my beautiful sauce had transformed into melted butter with lumps of egg yolk. We were ready to throw it all out, but as the sauce cooled down, it congealed again and regained its fine, creamy texture. It is miracle!!

One of the days we grilled some steaks and I found out that Norwegian meat is very expensive, but also really tasty, juicy and tender. It might have been due to the red wine I had with the steak, but I’m sure I could taste all that fresh air and open landscapes, which is so plentiful in Norway.

Though, I’m not really sure where they raise the cattle, since I cannot recall that I’ve seen any cows, when I’ve been to Norway. Maybe they have some special, rock-climbing cattle species grazing in the mountains.

Anna-Carin is going to London next week and asked if I wanted to join her. We started looking for tickets on Momondo, and it turned out that I could actually get a return ticket to London for less than what a train ticket to my parents, whom I’d otherwise planned to visit, would cost me. Air tickets are so ridiculously cheap these days, it’s no wonder the airline industry is struggling to make money (and no, I’m not flying Ryan Air).

In London we had some really nice steaks at Hawksmoor, which you can read about here.

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