Atlanta: My stay at Hilton Garden Inn Buckhead

by Sanne
Hilton Garden Inn, Atlanta, Buckhead

I stayed at Hilton Garden Inn for three nights during my first visit to Atlanta. When I arrived, there was nobody at the front desk and when a lady finally showed up, I was told that it was too early to check in. I asked if I could store my luggage until my room was ready and she looked at me as if I had asked her to climb Mount Everest, but finally took my luggage and told me to come back later.

When I finally got a room (and a cookie), it was down the corridor in what felt like an annex to the main building, and to get to my room I had to go up a flight of stairs. I was bringing a lot of luggage, and there was no elevator, so it would have been nice with some kind of assistance, but no.

My room was on the ground floor, and everybody passing by on the street outside could look inside, so I had to have the curtains closed all the time which made the room feel like a cave. The bathroom was in need of a make-over, but the room was ok, even though I missed the comfortable bed at InterContinental.

The walls between the rooms were so thin you could hear everything that was going on in the adjacent rooms. I could thus follow along as the guy next door called his family to say goodnight, only to put on a very loud, very adult, movie a few minutes after hanging up. Charming..

On the night before my exam, I called the reception to order room service breakfast the following day. I was told to just fill out the order form and hang it on the doorknob outside, and so I did. Though in the morning the breakfast never arrived. I called the reception and asked what was happening, and they apologized and said that it must have been a mistake. When I left my room, I saw that the form was still hanging on the door. Nobody had picked it up:/

I really want to write something positive about my stay, and to be fair, the guy who brought me the room service cheesecake I ordered one of the other nights, was really friendly and nice. The cheesecake was good too, but that’s about it. Would I stay there again? No, definitely not.

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