Bali: Waking up at Westin Nusa Dua

by Sanne
Westin Nusa Dua, Bali

I’ve joined Poul for a layover in Bali, and we’re staying at a gorgeous Westin resort in Nusa Dua. We arrived late in the evening yesterday, so we just had a quick mocktail in the bar, before heading to our room. Though at that time, it was dinner time in Dubai and Poul was feeling hungry. It was almost midnight in Bali, so all the restaurants at the hotel were closed, but the staff told us we could order room service if we wanted. Poul decided on a club sandwich, which were delivered to our room 20 minutes later. Isn’t it funny how club sandwiches always taste the same?

There’s a 4-hour time difference between Dubai and Bali, but we forced ourselves to get up early, and at 9am, we were ready to attack the breakfast buffet. I saw a funny orange fruit which turned out to be a markisa, Indonesian passionfruit. It was very tasty and a lot sweeter than the purple ones I usually buy in the grocery store.

Our breakfast table was right next to a small pond with carps, and while we were eating, this heron-like bird was watching the carps all the time. The carps were almost twice the size of the bird, so he didn’t try to catch any, but I’m sure he was dreaming about carp sushi.

The hotel is located smack right on the beach, so after breakfast we spent a couple of hours in a sun lounger, enjoying the nice weather. When we picked up the towels, I saw that you could join some kind of pool gymnastics at 11, so I decided to go. Though after 10 minutes, there was still no instructor or any other participants in sight, so I returned to my sun lounger on the beach. Otherwise our stay at Westin has been impeccable so far, and I’m enjoying every minute in the beautiful surroundings.

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