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Copenhagen: Christmas in Tivoli

by Sanne
Christmas in Tivoli, Copenhagen

Christmas in Tivoli is really something special. From late November and throughout December, the old amusement park is transformed into an enchanting bubble of winter wonderland magic. After dark the lights come on, and the fake snow here and there makes any dream about a white Christmas come true.

Though real Christmas spirit comes at a price, and at Tivoli, it’s 120DKK. It’s a bit steep considering that the price only includes admittance to the park. Though I still think it’s worth it, because what they’ve created is so enticingly beautiful. Spending a couple of hours in Tivoli at this time of the year will make everyone a better person, and even the most inveterate Scrooge is bound to surrender.

It was a wonderful night. You know, one of those late fall nights, when the air is crisp, but it’s not too cold. The smell of pine and gløgg was everywhere, and at a point, I had to give in and get myself a cup of hot Danish gløgg (mulled wine) along with some æbleskiver (Danish Christmas donuts). The guy at the counter tried to talk me into adding an extra shot of cognac or vodka to my gløgg, but I politely said no. I have a lot of Christmas wishes lined up this year, so I didn’t want to risk getting blacklisted by Santa.

The market section in Tivoli has a good selection of vendors. Most of them are selling goods from well-known Danish brands, but I liked that almost everything on the shelves was related to the holiday season. At other Christmas markets, I’ve seen everything from Wunderbaums to disco balls, and while it might appeal to the shopaholics, it doesn’t really contribute to the Christmas spirit.

The highlight of the evening was when I found Santa standing outside his workshop. He was waving and ho-ho’ing, and he seemed so genuinely sweet and embracing. I’m sure the Japanese tourists next to me were convinced he was the real deal.

A couple of years ago I visited Winterdom, which is the big Christmas market in Hamburg. Very different from Christmas in Tivoli, but still a fun place.

You can read more about Christmas in Tivoli on Tivoli’s website

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