NYC: Délice & Sarrasin – French crepes in West Village

by Sanne
Délice & Sarrasin, New York

The last days in New York were warm and sunny, and I’ve only been wearing loose-fitting summer clothes, while munching on the last New York tidbits, but when I left for the airport yesterday morning, I decided to wear jeans, as it could get cold on the plane.

This was when reality kicked in, or rather; it slapped me in the face. My jeans had gone from casual girlfriend fit to skinny jeans in just 3 weeks. I haven’t washed them, so I can’t blame the tighter fit on that. That is, I’ve gained weight. Though if you follow me on Instagram you’ll also know that I’ve eaten some pretty amazing food during my weeks in New York City.

One of the highlights, which I had almost forgotten to mention, was the French creperie Délice &Sarassin, which recently opened in West Village. Delice & Sarrasin is run by Christophe Caron together with his mom Yvette, who is the head chef, and his dad Patrick.

You know how the French are, when it comes to cooking. No shortcuts, everything made from scratch. That shows in the taste, and I had one of the best crepes I’ve ever had in my life at that place. So I blame at least some of my gained weight on homemade salted caramel, vanilla ice crème and a grande, but exquisite crepe from Délice & Sarrasin.

It was my friend Mende, who introduced me to Délice & Sarrasin, so I will also blame her, and that tasty-looking galette (buckwheat crepe) of hers, which she couldn’t finish. Guess who ate the leftovers?

Délice & Sarrasin is a nice French crêperie in West Village run by former model Christophe Caron together with his dad Patrick and his mom Yvette, who are all from the South of France.

The crêpes menu is divided into a sweet (Crêpes) and a savory (Galettes) section, and the crêpes cost $10-15. If you’re just after a light lunch, then one crêpe is probably enough, but for dinner I think I would order two: One savory to start with and then one sweet for dessert.

Christopher Street, where Délice & Sarrasin is located, is one of the nicest streets in this part of the city. There are plenty of shops to check out and cozy side streets to take a stroll down, so after you’ve finished your crêpe, I suggest you go out and explore more of the neighborhood.

• Crêpes are traditionally enjoyed with a glass of French cider

• The savory crêpes are made from buckwheat flour, so they’re gluten free and also high in fiber.

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Délice & Sarrasin, 20 Christopher Street (Between Gay St & Waverly Pl), West Village, New York

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