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Titlis – Where I fell in love with Switzerland

Mt. Titlis, Switzerland

The main purpose of my Engelberg trip was to visit the top of Mt. Titlis, so even though it was a bit cloudy when I arrived, I decided to go there right away. I think the ride to the top took around 20 minutes, and on the way, I was spoiled with one gorgeous view after another. This was one of those times I wish I had an extra pair of eyes, preferably at the back of my head, so I would be able to take in the downhill view without missing the sight of the summit.

At the top, there’s a suspension bridge (the highest in Europe), a glacier cave and a couple of Bollywood cardboard figures(!), but all of it was overshadowed big time by the real attraction: The enticing view of the surrounding Alps. I was blown away by the incredible beauty, which left me speechless and dazzled, feeling utterly grateful. This is the most amazing place I’ve ever been! This was the moment I fell in love with Switzerland.

What to wear?

I thought it would be possible to maybe go for a hike up there, so I was wearing my new hiking clothes, which turned out to be quite overkill. I could have done with jeans and a windbreaker, as the opportunities to wander around up there are limited, and the exposure to wild, untamed nature is limited. I even saw a guy in flip flops up there (wouldn’t recommend that). You can check the weather forecast for the top at Titlis’ website (link below).

How to get to the top of Titlis?

You take the Titlis Xpress cable car from Engelberg to Stand via Trübsee, and then another rotating cable car, Rotair, the rest of the way. The fare is 94 CHF but if you’re a guest at one of the hotels in Engelberg, you’ll get a small discount.

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You can find more information about Titlis at the Titlis Engelberg website

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