What to eat in Zurich?

by Sanne

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Zurich is full of good food, and it’s not just chocolate and cheese. Here is my list of delicious treats you shouldn’t miss:


Gipfeli is like a croissant, but with a slightly denser texture. You’ll find it with different toppings and fillings, and right now I’m having a serious crush on the chocolate ones, the Schoggigipfeli. When I’m not eating Bircher Müesli, this is what I’ll have for zmorge (breakfast) together with a big cappuccino.


Züri Gschnätzlets at Kronenhalle, Zurich

 Züri Gschnätzlets

Züri Gschnätzlets is sliced veal in a cream sauce with white wine and mushrooms usually served with rösti on the side. I’m crazy about the one at Kronenhalle, which goes under the name ”Kalbfleisch geschnetzelt Kronenhalle” in the menu.


Mousse au Chocolat at Kronenhalle, Zurich

Chocolate Mousse

Not surprisingly, the Land of Lindt & Sprüngli delivers, when it comes to chocolate mousse. This old-school favorite is on most restaurant menus in Zurich, and once again, Kronenhalle is Best in Show. Their Mousse au Chocolat is so rich and creamy, it will make your head spin and your heart sing.


Bircher Müesli, Zurich

Bircher Müesli

Bircher müesli was invented by the Swiss physician Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Benne, who served the mushy mixture to his patients to improve recovery. The original ingredients were soaked rolled oats, condensed milk, nuts, apples and lemon juice, but today Bircher müesli comes in all sorts and shapes. At the hotel buffets, you’ll typically find a big bowl of yogurt and soaked grains, which you then mix with additional toppings and ingredients as you like.


Vegetarian Burger at Hiltl, Zurich

Vegetarian food at Hiltl

The world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant isn’t just a restaurant, but also a bar, a nightclub and a rooftop terrace spread across different locations in the heart of Zürich. Go veggie-crazy in the buffet or try the Zurich famous Hiltl Burger.


Rösti at eCHo, Marriott Zurich


Rösti is made from pan fried shredded potato. A bit like hash browns, but better. At the Swiss restaurant eCHo at Marriott you can create your own, tailor-made rösti with your choice of toppings. I can warmly recommend the Appenzeller-ham-tomato combo.


Luxemburgerli at Sprüngli, Zurich


It was a Sprüngli confectioner from Luxemburg, who developed the pretty, pastel-colored Luxemburgerli. They look like macarons, but they are slightly smaller and lighter. While you’re at Sprüngli, don’t forget to try some of the chocolate truffles too. They’re amazing, especially the Fine Champagne ones.


Chocolate truffles at Sprüngli, Zurich

On my to-eat list:

Älplermaggronen: A Swiss version of mac and cheese.

Cervelat: Traditional Swiss sausage

Cheese fondue: Mostly associated with the French-speaking part of the country, but I love everything with melted cheese, and Zurich is supposed to have several nice fondue restaurants.



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