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Zürich Observations Part 2

Zürich Blog

Earlier this year I shared some of my first impressions of Zürich. Now, 4 trips later, I have another round for you. Here we go:

On Fridays we wear black Burberry trench coats.

Also applies to the guys. During fall, Burberry checks are everywhere. Maybe they voted, and decided that Burberry trenches should be the unofficial Zürich uniform?

..And drive Porsche

If the Burberry trench coat is the unofficial Zürich uniform, then Porsche must be the unofficial Zürich car. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Porsches at one place. Not even in Dubai.

Meatless meals

Zurich is great for vegetarians, and most restaurants offer delicious vegetarian alternatives. Hiltl, one of the absolute hot spots in the city, is a vegetarian restaurant. For vegans it’s harder, because the Swiss love their eggs and dairy products.

Be on time

Being early is almost as bad as being late. From what I heard, 2 minutes early and one minute late is acceptable. Can you imagine what a great faux pas it was to be 20 minutes late for our restaurant reservation? I suspect I’m now black-listed at that place.

You can’t have sex in the thermal baths.

Not that I intended to, but I found the very explicit pictograms accompanied by a “No Sex!” sign at the entrance to Thermal Bad & Spa rather funny. The staff told us that those signs were in fact there for a reason. So remember: No sex in the thermal baths!

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