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Fuerteventura: Al Fresco – Nice new restaurant in Costa Calma

Mussels with mojo, Fuerteventura: Al Fresco - Nice new restaurant in Costa Calma

One of the days, we drove over to Costa Calma in our rental car, to have dinner at Al Fresco, which is a restaurant that just opened a couple of months ago. We came without a reservation, but luckily they had a table for us. The restaurant is run by Paco and his family and it was so nice to see, how well they took care of the diners, taking time to greet and chit-chat with everyone. This is the kind of service that you only get at those small, family-run places.

The food was also very good, and although many of the items on the menu looked similar to what you will find at most other restaurants in Fuerteventura’s tourist areas, the execution at Al Fresco was better. You will find mussels with mojo at any other restaurant in Fuerteventura, but they are often just steamed mussels with mojo sauce poured over afterwards. At Al Fresco, the mussels were grilled with the mojo sauce, and the mussels were really fresh and tasty. The grilled squid had slices of garlic and was served with papas arrugadas (those small, wrinkled, potatoes that taste great with mojo) and salad, and even though I had eaten so much squid and octopus on this trip that I felt like I was about to grow tentacles, this dish was so delicious that I finished it all. Needless to say, Al Fresco is a must-try if you are staying in La Pared or Costa Calma.

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Al Fresco, CC, C. Punta de los Molinillos, s/n, local 16, 35627 Costa Calma, Fuerteventura

Al Fresco Costa Calma map



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