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Fuerteventura – La Pared Powered by Playitas

La Pared powered by Playitas - Fuerteventura Blog

Hello from Fuerteventura! Sister T and me are on a package vacation, and we are staying at La Pared Powered by Playitas. If you are from Europe, you may have heard of Playitas, which is a large sports resort on the east side of the island. La Pared is the smaller sister resort on the west coast, but the focus here is also on sports and training, so some of you are probably wondering, how we ended up here?
Sister T wanted to go on a trip, but she insisted on traveling from Billund without any stopovers along the way, and she also had a number of requirements regarding destinations, so that left us with Fuerteventura, which does not seem to be a bad choice at all.
We booked the smallest room type at the resort, so we were pleasantly surprised when the room turned out to be more like a holiday apartment with a semi-separate bedroom, a living room and a patio. Breakfast is included, so each morning when we wake up, there is a nice, large breakfast buffet to look forward to.

We were a bit concerned, that we would be the only non-fitness-buffs at the resort, but it is very relaxed here, and while a lot of people are in their gym clothes 24/7, there are also people like my sister and me, who just want to do a little yoga and hang out by the pool. The pool (+pool bar) is very nice, and there is also a lagoon beach near the hotel. It is only possible to get to the beach, when it is low tide, and when the tide is high, the beach disappears. Because of the strong currents, the red flag is up all the time, so you can’t go swimming, but you can go for a walk along the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

We did not order half board for our stay, as we wanted to see, what the food was like, before committing. Though except for the hotel restaurant, the dining options nearby are very limited, so you are basically stuck with the hotel buffet. We have had dinner at the buffet twice, and it is not as bad as it sounds. There is a good selection of food with different dishes each day, fresh fruit, and several delicious cakes and desserts. It is really nice and peaceful here, and the weather is great, so I am sure we will have a great stay.

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