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Los Angeles: In-N-Out at LAX – Burgers and plane spotting

by Sanne
In-N-Out Burger - LAX

In-N-Out is a Californian burger chain. There are several In-N-Outs across the city, but the most popular branch is this one on Sepulveda Blvd close to LAX. The restaurant is located right at the end of runway 24R, so there are plenty of plane spotting opportunities.

In-N-Out has a very basic selection of hamburgers and cheeseburgers, and a secret menu (available upon request, just ask for it) with a number of other variants including the Flying Dutchman (patties and cheese without the bun), and the Grilled Cheese (like an ordinary burger without the patty but with two slices of melted cheese). My favorite In-N-Out burger is the Double-Double (two slices of cheese and two patties) from the regular menu.

Maybe it’s the Californian sun, maybe it’s the fact that In-N-Out doesn’t do franchising, but the burgers are consistently good and very, very tasty. If you’ve once tried the burgers at In-N-Out I’m sure you’ll never miss McDonald’s again.

This branch of In-N-Out is always busy, and parking can be a problem. Of course you can always go for the drive-through option, but then you might as well just pick one of the other less busy In-N-Outs. To skip the lines, the best time to arrive is right when they open or very late at night, or take a cab.

What to order at In-N-Out? The Double-Double and one of the items from the secret menu, just for the fun of it

In-N-Out Burger (the one at LAX), 9149 S. Sepulveda Blvd, (on NW corner of Sepulveda & 92nd, North of LAX)
Los Angeles

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