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Los Angeles: E.P. & L.P. – Great food and cocktails with a view

by Sanne
EP & LP, Los Angeles

I was looking forward to take Trine to E.P. & L.P., because I knew she would love it. E.P. is the restaurant section and L.P. is the popular rooftop bar one stair up. The food is really nice, but there’s no doubt that a lot of people book a table in the restaurant primarily to make sure to make it to the rooftop later.

We had a selection of mostly Thai dishes, which is where E.P. & L.P. really shines. Everything was tasty, but our favorite dish that evening was the Prime Ribeye with spicy Thai dipping sauce.

Both Trine and I have left clubbing and tequila shots behind (except for very special occasions) and when we go out, it’s usually at a nice bar which serves cocktails with more than two ingredients. I don’t think I’ll ever grow too old for cocktails with a view, at least I don’t hope so.

I had a bubble tea cocktail (among others), which was nice. Even Trine, who usually don’t like bubble tea, thought it was tasty. The rooftop was really crowded, so after a while, we decided to continue our night out at a speakeasy in Hollywood instead. More on that in another post.

E.P. & L.P., 603 N La Cienega Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069, West Hollywood, Tel: +1(310) 855-9955

> Visit E.P. & L.P.’s website

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