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L’Affable – First dinner in Paris

by Sanne
L'Affable, restaurant in Paris

We had so much delicious food in Paris, so where do I start? We had our first dinner in Paris at L’Affable, which is a nice, modern bistro-style restaurant a short walk from our hotel. Most, if not all, of the other guests were French and many seemed to be regulars. A really cozy place with a genuine neighborhood vibe and very nice food.

When AC and I are eating out, we try to order different dishes, and then we shamelessly steal from each others’ plates, so we get to taste as many different things from the menu as possible. We had the Thai beef tartare as a starter, along with a tasty bowl with egg, chanterelles and pork belly. There’s just something about the runny egg yolk+chanterelles combo that I can’t resist, and if it’s on the menu, I would order it.

It iss a different thing with sweetbread, which we had as one of our main courses, and which I would say I am rather neutral about. It is not something I would go out of my way to order, but it is also not something I would actively avoid. However, AC was curious about the sweetbread at L’Affable, and I had no objections, so that is how it ended up on our table that night.

The other times I have had sweetbread, it has been breaded, and in small bites resembling the chicken nuggets from McDonald’s, but here, the sweetbread was a massive pan-fried chunk. It must have been  at least 10oz, and even though we tried hard, we did not even make it halfway.

Though there is always room for dessert, and after our struggle with the gland, we could still find space to squeeze down the pear with salvie and rhum and the chocolate soufflé, which made up the sweet finale for our dinner that night.  

L’Affable, 10 Rue de Saint-Simon, Paris, Tel: 01 42 22 01 60

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