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Paris: Ice Kube Bar – A really cool place!

by Sanne
Ice Kube Bar in Paris

Friday night we met with my friend from Paris. He wanted the place we were going to be a surprise, so he did not give us an exact address, but just told us to show up on this street in the northern part of Paris at 8pm.

Earlier on, I had jokingly mentioned that I did not want to go to any strip clubs or other places where people took their clothes off, and guess where we went? To Ice Kube Bar, which is an ice bar, completely made of ice and with a constant temperature of -4°F/-20°C! No risk of anyone taking off their clothes in there.

At the entrance we were handed these big quilted jackets to keep us warm, but April and I were barelegged, and it was freezing. We had two cocktails, which were both excellent, and a shot that was called Monkey Brain and tasted like caramel. So surreal, to be drinking cocktails in -4°F/-20°C, wearing a winter jacket, when it is baking hot outside! It was a really fun place, and I would have liked to stay longer, had I been more appropriately dressed for the occasion, but after an hour, it felt as if my toes were about to fall off, so we decided to leave.

If you go, make sure to wear warm trousers and shoes or boots:)

Ice Kube Bar at KUBE Hotel, 1 Passage Ruelle, Paris

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