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Paris: Dinner at Huguette – Seafood and moules frites

Huguette, Bistro de la Mer, Paris

I’m back in Paris, and this time I have Sister T with me. She has never been to Paris before, so we have a lot of boxes to tick, and I am looking forward to showing her the city.

We had booked a table online at Huguette for Monday night, but I got a confirmation email back stating that our reservation was on Sunday, so I called in to make sure it was actually Monday we had booked.

Though I called in during peak lunch hours, so they told me they were busy and that I should call back the following day. Hmmm. Under normal circumstances, this would have been enough to put me off, but I really wanted to try Huguette, and it took more than a bit of French arrogance to scare me away. The next day I therefore called again, and after talking back and forth for a while, I was promised that there would be a table for us Monday.

We therefore showed up Monday at 7:30pm, and was seated immediately. There were a bunch of different seafood platter options on the menu, and we were only able to translate oyster and crab with Google Translate, so we just ordered a seafood platter from the mid-priced category. We got a beautiful platter with crayfish, oysters, shrimp and some conchs that looked like snails, but tasted very good. In France, you eat the whole crab just like you do in Sweden (and most other places except for Denmark), and it is actually quite a lot of food. The prawns were of the kind that you eat shell-on, which Trine did not like, so I had them all to myself.

We also had moules frites, just like the French diners at the table next to ours, and we all agreed that the dish was amazing. In fact, the French lady liked it so much, she grabbed her bowl and drank the broth right out of it. I hope the chef saw it, as that must have been the ultimate praise for his cooking. Bon appetit!

Huguette Bistro de la Mer, 81 Rue de Seine, Paris 6

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