Tokyo: Minamoto Kitchoan – Traditional Japanese wagashi store

by Sanne
Minamoto Kitchoan - Tokyo

Traditional Japanese sweets, wagashi, might be an acquired taste, and it might not be love at first sight or bite, but when you first get hooked, it’s for life. Minamoto Kitchoan is a luxury wagashi chain and the branch in Ginza is the flagship store. The wagashi is made daily from the finest ingredients, and the tastes and textures are so subtle and delicate that each bite will blow your mind.

You can either buy pre-packed gift boxes with wagashi or pick and choose among individually wrapped items.

At Minamoto Kitchoan, there’s also a restaurant and a tea shop upstairs.  The teashop serve traditional Japanese desserts made from jelly and sweet beans.

• There are also branches of Minamoto Kitchoan in New York, London, Singapore, Taipei and Hong Kong.

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Minamoto Kitchoan, 7-8-9 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo104-0061, Tel: 03-3569-2360

Address in Japanese:

Visit Minamoto Kitchoan’s website >>

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