Tokyo: Calbee Plus – Potato chips with chocolate and soft serve

Potato chips with Royce chocolate and soft serve, Calbee Plus, Tokyo

In a dynamic city like Tokyo, things change quickly, and what’s popular today is often forgotten tomorrow. Calbee is one of the exceptions, which has managed to stay relevant for decades, and the brand’s potato-based snacks never seem to go out of style.

In the Calbee Plus store in Harajuku you can try the super fresh, straight-from-the-fryer potato chips. They come with different kinds of toppings, including a very only-in-Japan one with Royce chocolate and soft serve. Royce is a Japanese chocolate brand, and before I discovered the champagne truffles from Sprüngli in Switzerland, the dark blue Nama from Royce was my undisputed chocolate favorite. Everything from Royce is super delicious, and I’ve never had anything with Royce chocolate that I didn’t like, so of course I had to try the Royce-drizzled potato chips.

It might sound like a strange combo, but chocolate and potato chips isn’t bad at all. Dip it in soft serve and you have the ultimate indulgence. Chocolate, potato chips and soft serve, talk about ticking all the boxes! After taking the photos I ate up everything.

Calbee Plus, Takeshita Street, Harajuku, Shibuya, Tokyo, Address in Japanese: 神宮前1-16-8 Shibuya, 東京都

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