Tokyo: Retro Arcade Games at 1-Chome Playland

1-Chome Playland i Tokyo

After my onsen visit, I went for a stroll in some of the Odaiba shopping malls. I always end up at Decks, when I’m in that area. Not so much because of the shopping, but because there is this really cool floor inside the mall with retro arcade games and shops selling all sorts of quirky stuff.

Have you watched the movie Wreck-It Ralph? Do you remember in the beginning of the movie, when Ralph is the only one not invited to the party (they even invited Pac-Man!)? It broke my heart…

I’ll not go further into that movie, but if you like Wreck-It Ralph, then I’m sure you’ll love 1-Chome Playland.

All the games are fully functional and I can spend hours, gaming my way through 2D worlds with pixelated monsters. Wii and PlayStation in all honor, but there’s really something special about these tantalizing, old machines. Stepping into 1-Chome Playland is like traveling back in time. I could easily spend days inside this retro paradise, and if I were living in Tokyo, I would come here every week to pet the machines and feed them all my 100JPY coins.

The section with the arcade games is called 1-Chome Playland. Some of the games are fun to play, while others primarily serve as a reminder of how far the gaming industry has come today.

On the same floor, there’s also a Michael Jackson fan shop and a store, which sells Kit Kat variants, I haven’t seen anywhere else. There’s also a haunted house, which looks really scary. I’ve never seen anybody go in there, but, more importantly, I haven’t seen anybody come out either. Hmm..maybe I’ve been watching too many Japanese horror movies:)

1-Chome Playland,  Decks, Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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