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NYC: Katz’s Delicatessen – The Pastrami Sandwich

by Sanne
Pastrami sandwich at Katz's Delicatessen, New York

The pastrami sandwich at Katz’s Delicatessen in New York is second to none, so even though the place is usually packed with tourists, and even though the service can be a bit rushed, I always come back.

The sandwich doesn’t have anything else than just pastrami and mustard, but trust me; that’s all you need. I’m usually not a big pastrami fan, and I never eat pastrami in Denmark, but the one you get at Katz’s is really something special. It’s juicy and tender and of course prepared in-house. Ask for a sample from the staff members at the counter, if you’re still not convinced that Katz’s pastrami is for you. The mustard at Katz’s is of course also homemade, and makes up the perfect companion to the meat.

Along with the sandwich, you get a plate with pickles, and even though it’s easy to forget about those and just skip right to the sandwich, the pickles at Katz’s deserve your attention. Among the Jewish community in New York, the pickling process has been refined through the years, and today you’ll find some of the best pickles in the world in New York. At least if you ask me. They’re salty and slightly spicy and completely different from pickles in Denmark. It’s hard to explain, but you really have to try New York pickles, either at Katz’s or at some of the other delicatessen shops in New York.

You get a small ticket, at the entrance, and you’d better look after it, because everything you order will be written on that ticket. If you’re dining at a table, you’ll most likely get a bill brought to you by the end of your meal, but if you order food to go, you’ll pay at the counter on your way out. No matter what, you need to keep your ticket, or you will have to pay a steep $50 lost ticket fee.

Katz’s Delicatessen,  205 E. Houston Street (between Avenue A & Norfolk St), Lower East Side, New York

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Waz February 19, 2017 - 8:34 pm

I’ve actually been to Katz Deli once, way back when I still ate meat on rare occasions. The pickles were great, but I wasn’t that excited about the sandwiches… too meat heavy for me, lol. The ticket system with the $50 lost ticket fine always amuses me. Wonder how many tourists accidentally misplace their tickets on a daily basis?

Sofia February 22, 2017 - 5:20 pm

I went there when I was in New York too! I loooved it! Mr H had looked it up and it was the first restaurant we went to , and yes the pastrami sandwich was so worth it. When I was there there was some producers filming something away, and what Mr H and I ordered must have been very typical and amazing because they came running over and filmed our food (without asking us, ahem……).


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