Pure Flake Sea Salt

Jacobsen Salt Co.
4 oz


Jacobsen’s Pure Flake Sea Salt is harvested from the crystal-clear waters of Netarts Bay, nestled along the Oregon Coast. The salt captures the vibrant spirit of the ocean, offering a bright, briny flavor that brings joy to the palate.

Jacobsen promotes the philosophy of experiencing great salt every day. They understand the vital role of quality ingredients in a well-stocked pantry, and their Pure Flake Sea Salt is a testament to this belief. Irrespective of one’s culinary expertise, Jacobsen’s Pure Flake Sea Salt is a pantry staple, enhancing and enriching flavors with its distinctive texture and crunch. Whether used to enhance a savory masterpiece or to sprinkle over a sweet indulgence, Jacobsen’s Pure Flake Sea Salt plays the perfect finishing note.

4 oz bag 

Mitzie Mee – Sanne: This is not your average salt. I love how the delicate, pyramid-shaped flakes takes a dish from the mundane to the magnificent, creating a visual and flavorful spectacle.

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