Gochujang – Small Jar

5.3 oz


The gochujang from Jook Jang Yeon is made the old-school way with all-natural, local ingredients.  No artificial additives here – just pure, unadulterated goodness.  This isn’t your overnight express kind of deal; it’s a slow, loving process managed by skilled artisans, passionate about what they are doing.

The JookJangYeon  gochujang is made from two types of Korean chili pepper flakes to achieve that irresistibly delicious spiciness. There’s no added sugar, but the gochujang has a natural sweetness from handmade rice malt syrup and sweet rice. The special sun-dried salt used to make the gochujang has gone through an extensive natural process to remove the bitterness of the salt, making the flavor of the gochujang smooth and rounded.

The versatile Korean chili paste, can elevate a variety of dishes with the unique blend of spicy, sweet, and umami flavors. It’s perfect for your homemade bowl of bibimbap, but it’s also great for marinating meat and seafood, adding a rich depth and slight heat. Stir it into soups and stews for a warming spice kick, or mix it into dipping sauces for a zesty twist. Gochujang works wonders in vegetable stir-fries, giving them a savory, spicy lift. For a fusion touch, blend it into mayo or ketchup for a flavorful condiment.

Please observe: The Jook Jang Yeon Gochujang is wild fermented, which means that it’s still being aged while in the jar – without any preservatives or additives, the producer kept it that way.  The jars are therefore not airtight or vacuum sealed but only loosely fitted.

Mitzie Mee – Sanne: The thickness of this gochujang was the first thing I noticed when opening the cute little jar. The flavors are well-balanced, and the fermented, slightly salty notes are more prominent in this gochujang, than what they are in the gochujang from cheaper brands.

About Jook Jang Yeon

Jook Jang Yeon is a premium Korean food brand, known for high-end, artisanal condiments.  The production takes place in the sunny, Jookjang-ri valley, with conditions optimal for making gochujang and doenjang, which are some of Jookjangyeon’s most treasured products.


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