Butterfly Earrings – Stockholm

Jewelry Art by Mim


I stumbled upon these beautiful butterfly earrings in a small shop in Bangkok. The earrings are designed and handmade by Mim, a young female jewelry designer from Bangkok. I love her bright, colorful designs that adds a splash of happiness to any outfit.

The hook that goes through the ear is made from Sterling silver, and the other parts of the earring is made from brass and enamel. Everything is handmade, so none of the pieces are exactly the same.

Length (including hook): 92mm

Color: Turquoise/black

Handmade in Thailand


How to style the butterfly earrings?

I like to keep the rest of my outfit simple and let the earrings be the focal point. That way, they really get a chance to shine. Pair them with simple, neutral clothing and let the colors do the talking. If you want to make a bolder statement, consider styling your butterfly earrings with a top or dress in matching colors.


Who made the earrings?

Hi, my name is Mim. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree and I have always been interested in jewelry, so I went on to take a special class for jewelry making. I like butterflies and birds, so these species are the focus of my designs.

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