Lisbon Lemon and Champagne Jam

Blake Hill Preserves


The Lisbon Lemon and Champagne Jam from Blake Hill Preserves is a zesty artisan preserve with a luxurious touch, perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Made with whole fresh lemons and champagne, this jam offers a creamy, smooth texture reminiscent of lemon butter or vegan lemon curd. Ideal for elevating your breakfast or as a sophisticated glaze for meats and desserts.

Mitzie Mee – Sanne: This jam is one of my favorites from Blake Hill. I often mix it with Greek yogurt for an indulgent breakfast. Also delicious with hot scones or with vanilla ice cream.

Fresh Lisbon lemons (lemons, water for blanching lemons), cane sugar, champagne, lemon juice concentrate 



About Blake Hill

Blake Hill offers a unique range of sweet and savory jams infused with honey, liquors, herbs, or spices that are specifically designed to complement different types of cheese. Each variety has the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, a luscious texture, and a distinct, complex flavor profile that highlights the quintessential characteristics of particular cheeses, from classic cheddar to creamy goat cheese and bold, beautiful blues.



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