Hattoriさん Yabukita (やぶきた) Kurasawa Shizuoka Matcha

0.7 oz


Hattori-san is a fourth-generation tea farmer from Kurasawa, Shizuoka. He specializes in the Yabukita cultivar, which is processed in a secret facility within the Tenryu mountains. Hattori-san’s Yabukita matcha stands out for its purity, using only organic fertilizers and pristine river water, avoiding all pesticides.

The Yabukita Matcha is celebrated for its robust flavor, a departure from the usual blends that soften its intensity. This version highlights its natural vibrancy and is distinguished by a raspberry note, a result of the exclusive drying process in the hidden mountain facility. The flavor is dynamic, and starts with a balanced bitterness that evolves into pure umami before settling at a delicate, light sweetness. A truly exquisite experience.

The matcha is ground fresh in Lawrenceville, NJ.


How to brew:

Thin matcha:

Sift 2g of Matcha.

Add 60ml hot water at 75°C (167°F.)

Whisk for 15 seconds.

Pour Usucha into glass to drink.

Thick matcha:

Sift 4g of Matcha.

Add 30ml hot water at 75°C (167°F.)

Whisk for 15 seconds.

Pour Usucha into glass to drink.

0.7 oz (20g)


About Ooika

Ooika, based in the U.S., specializes in producing single-origin Matcha using traditional Japanese stone mills. This method, though labor-intensive, ensures the highest quality and freshness, with a mere 30 grams of Matcha produced per hour. Ooika sources its Matcha directly from esteemed tea farmers across Japan, fostering personal relationships that guarantee authenticity and excellence.

Dedicated to preserving the ancient art of Matcha production, Ooika’s approach makes this traditional tea accessible to Western audiences. The company stands out for its commitment to single-cultivar Matcha, highlighting the unique characteristics of each Japanese tea. Sourced from renowned Japanese terroirs, Ooika’s Matcha offers a glimpse into the diverse microclimates and rich histories of these regions.

With a focus on handpicked, traditionally harvested Matcha, Ooika ensures a rare and exquisite product. The company also emphasizes education, offering a curated collection of Matcha for connoisseurs to explore. Their detailed labeling provides transparency, showcasing the tea’s origin, cultivar, and vintage, underlining Ooika’s passion for clarity and quality in the world of Matcha.


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