70% Peru Chocolate

Sol Cacao


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Delicious craft chocolate made from only two ingredients: Cacao beans and raw cane sugar.

1.86 oz. (52.7g ) bar
70% Peru Chocolate. Cacao from Oro Verde Peru Single Origin

Flavor Notes: Honeydew, toffee, and hints of fruits.

Goes well withs: Sharp cheese, fresh fruits, in yogurt, or whatever you feel like pairing it with.



Sol Cacao is a South Bronx-based, bean-to-bar, chocolate brand founded by the three brothers Dominic, Nicholas and Daniel. The brothers grew up in the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago, and cacao and chocolate was an inherent part of the culture as well as the family livelihood.

Upon arriving to the United States, the brothers realized that the quality of chocolate they were used to enjoying back home, was hard to find in the States. This led the brothers to start Sol Cacao in order to bring high quality chocolate that elevates the taste to the US market. Sol Cacao takes great pride in the quality of the products. The chocolate is made using sustainable, organic practices, and the brand benefits from the brothers’ thorough understanding of the entire process of chocolate making, from growing the cacao pods to the crafting of the chocolate bars.

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