Spicy miso ramen at Kikanbo – Probably the best in Tokyo

Kikanbo, Tokyo

I spent most of the day yesterday strolling around in Kanda and Akihabara. I was looking to buy a new camera, so Yodobashi Akiba (the largest electronics shop in Tokyo) was the destination for my strolling, but before I went there, I had my first bowl of ramen on this trip, and what a bowl!

I’ve had spicy miso ramen before, but never the way they make it at Kikanbo. You think Japanese food isn’t spicy? Then think again.

Kikanbo opens at 11, and I was there a quarter past. It was already packed. Luckily, ramen restaurants aren’t for loitering and it’s common courtesy that you eat your ramen and then you leave, so I didn’t have to wait more than 5 minutes for an empty seat.

I purchased my ramen voucher from a vending machine on the wall. The menu was in Japanese, but a nice Japanese lady helped me pick the right item (just push the button in the upper left corner). Before the staff started cooking my meal, they asked me what spice level I wanted.

I just went for regular, but in spite of that, my tongue was set on fire at several occasions, while I worked my way through the bowl.

It was so delicious, and one of the best bowls of ramen I’ve ever had. The miso-broth was incredibly creamy and every single ingredient from the boiled egg to the crispy bean sprouts was just perfect. I hope I‘ll manage to squeeze in another visit to Kikanbo before I leave.

In 2016 I tried the Devil Spicy Miso Ramen. Read about how it went here:

> My blog post about the Devil Spicy Miso Ramen at Kikanbo

Kikanbo, Kajicho 2-10-9, Chioda-ku, Tokyo, Hours: Mon-Sat 11:00am-9:30pm, Sun: 11am – 4pm, nearest station: Kanda, Address in Japanese: 鍛冶町2-10-10, Chiyoda, 東京都 〒101-0044

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