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Tokyo: 1-Chome Playland – Get your geek on

by Sanne
1-Chome Playland, Tokyo

*Geek post warning*

Have you seen the movie Wreck-It Ralph? Do you remember in the beginning of the movie, when Ralph is the only one not invited to the party (they even invited Pac-Man!)? It broke my heart…

I’ll not go further into that movie ( I think it’s actually meant for kids?), but if you like Wreck-It Ralph, then I’m sure you’ll love 1-Chome Playland on the 4th floor in Decks’ Seaside Mall in Tokyo.

Poul and I found this place by coincidence, when we were out exploring the man-made island Odaiba in Tokyo Bay. We were looking for a place to have lunch, but instead we found this wonderful floor in the mall, dedicated to old arcade games and Tokyo kitsch in general.

All the games were fully functional and I think we spent over and hour, gaming our way through 2D worlds with pixelated monsters. Wii and PlayStation in all honor, but there’s really something special about these tantalizing, old machines.

Stepping into 1-Chome Playland is like entering a time warp, and I could easily have spent days in this enchanting paradise for geeks. If I was living in Tokyo, I would come here every week to pet the machines and feed them all my 100JPY coins.

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1-Chome Playland, DECKS Tokyo Beach, Seaside Mall 4F, 1 Chome-6-1 Daiba, Minato City, Tokyo

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