Tokyo: Family brunch at Denny’s in Ginza

Denny's in Tokyo

I met Rieko more than 10 years ago, when I did an internship in Japan. Rieko went to college in California, so her English is very good. She was therefore assigned the glorious task of taking care of me (ha ha), and we soon found out that we had a lot of things in common.

We’ve kept in touch since then, and whenever I’m in Japan, I try to see her. A lot of things have happened since our lunch at Ichimishin in Hamamatsu last year, and Rieko is now married and has a little baby girl, Saki. Fancy restaurants were therefore out of the question this time. Instead, we decided to meet for brunch at good old family friendly Denny’s in Ginza.

Denny’s is an American restaurant chain, but the menu in Japan has been adapted to Japanese palates, and it’s a popular place to go for families with kids. As you can see in the photos below, the food is very different from the food  at Denny’s in the States. Denny’s in Japan also has call buttons at the tables and a smoking section, to make it even more appealing to the Japanese diners. You can see photos of what we had below.

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Denny’s , Chuo City, Ginza, 6 Chome−16−12 丸高ビル 1F

Denny's in Tokyo
Salad with smoked salmon. Part of the set menu, I had.
Denny's in Tokyo
My main course. Did I want to add avocado? Yes please!
Denny's in Tokyo
Rieko’s husband had a steak.
Denny's in Tokyo
He also had this giant dessert, which I also had my eyes on…
Denny's in Tokyo
…but I was too full, so I settled for a bowl of ice cream anmitsu (bean paste and syrup) instead:)

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