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Tokyo: Ginza Lion – The oldest beer hall in Japan

by Sanne
Ginza Lion, beer hall in Tokyo

Ginza Lion is a chain of beer halls run by Sapporo Brewery, and one of the most popular branches is located in the heart of Ginza. Dating back to 1934, this branch is also the oldest beer hall in Japan, and since the opening, the beer hall has made sure that busy businessmen and other thirsty Japanese could enjoy a cold draft beer for lunch or after work.

Ginza Lion spans several floors, but it’s in the street level beer hall, the beer drinking takes place. With its high ceilings and wall paintings, the beer hall looks like any other Bavarian beer hall in Germany.
The food menu has a good selection of German-inspired, calorie-intensive food. Sauerkraut and German sausage? Look no further.

Ginza is known to be one of the most posh and trendy areas in Tokyo, but there’s nothing fancy-schmancy about the beer hall. I really like that you can walk in from the street wearing sneakers and bad hair day, and it’s completely ok, even though most people come directly from work and dress accordingly.

• Ginza Lion is a popular place to pop out for a beer, so expect some waiting time to get a table, especially on weekends and in the after-work hours.

• The cheapest draft beer is around 620 JPY for a small glass. It’s a decent beer, but there is also more interesting stuff on the menu.

• A Wiener sausage is 850 JPY

Ginza Lion, 7-9-20 Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo Address in Japanese: ビヤホールライオン 銀座七丁目店
東京都中央区銀座7-9-20 銀座ライオンビル1F

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