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Goodbeer Faucets – Craft Beer – Tokyo Nightlife

by Sanne
Goodbeer Faucets - Tokyo

Craft beer bars can sometimes feel a bit like man-caves, but this is not the case for Goodbeer Faucets. The sleek interior combined with the location in the middle of trendy Shibuya means that it isn’t just beer aficionados, who make their way to this classy spot.

The clientele is a mix of Japanese young professionals and beer enthusiasts as well as members of the usual expat crowd. Though this is Shibuya, and even though Love Hotel Hill is just across the street, people tend to dress (and behave) a bit nicer than at the bars in Roppongi. Goodbeer Faucets is a perfect place to grab a beer with a friend or a date. The music never gets too loud, so a quiet conversation is possible, even when the bar gets busy.

With 40 different kinds of beer on tap and an additional selection of 50-something kinds of bottled beer from all over the world, even the pickiest beer enthusiasts will most probably find something they like. From porter to pale ale and everything in between, you’ll probably find it at Goodbeer Faucets. The beer on tap comes in 3 different sizes: ½ pint, 1 pint or a pitcher, and most pints cost ¥800-900.

• During Happy hour, which is Monday-Thursday 17:00-20:00 and Sunday 16:00-19:00, you get 200¥ off all pints.

• There’s also a food menu Goodbeer Faucets, offering international snacks and bar food as well as proper meals.

• The bar is non-smoking, which I really appreciate as non-smoking bars still aren’t very common in Tokyo.

Goodbeer Faucets, Shibuya Crossroad Building 2F, 1-29-1 Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya, Tokyo, Tel: +81(0)3-3770-5544

Address in Japanese: グッドビアファウセッツ, 松濤1-29-1 クロスロードビル 2F

Visit Goodbeer Faucet’s website >>

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