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Tokyo: Numazuko – Really good kaiten sushi

by Sanne
Numazuko, kaiten sushi in Tokyo

Numazuko is a kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi chain known for their  particularly fresh and tasty seafood, and compared to the other kaiten sushi places I’ve been to, there’s no doubt that Numazuko is among the very best. There’s a steady stream of tempting sushi pieces on the belt at all times, but if you want something else than what’s rolling by, you just ask one of the chefs to make it for you.

Numazuko is slightly more expensive than most other kaiten sushi places in Tokyo, but I think the quality of the sushi more than justifies the premium price. Prices start at ¥90/plate for most basic items, and each plate usually have 2 pieces. Most of the usual nigiri such as salmon and ordinary tuna are around ¥200-300, while more fancy stuff, including otoro (fatty tuna) and uni (sea urchin), is more expensive. There’s an English menu, but it’s otherwise possible to decode the price by looking at the pattern of the plate and compare it to the ones in the price list. When you’re done with your meal, the staff will count your plates and bring you the bill, which you pay at the cashier near the entrance.

Green tea is free of charge, and there’s a hot tap and a jar with powdered green tea available at the counter.

Expect to spend around ¥3000 on a full meal. If you only eat otoro (fatty tuna) it will of course be more expensive.

Numazuko, 3-34-16 Shinjuku, 1F Ikeda Plaza Bldg, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Tel: +81 3 5361 8228
Address in Japanese: 沼津港 新宿本店 〒160-0022東京都新宿区新宿3-34-16池田プラザビル1F

>Visit Numazuko’s website

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