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Tokyo: Joypolis and Purikura

by Sanne
Joypolis, Tokyo

I told you about the retro arcade games at 1-Chome Playland in a previous blog post, but inside Decks, the same shopping mall in which Playland is located, there’s also an indoor amusement park called Joypolis. I’ve never considered visiting Joypolis, because it isn’t very big, and the admission fee is a bit steep.

Though this time I decided to go and have a look. I didn’t have anything better to do and they were offering a 50% discount on the admission (not including rides).

Amusement parks aren’t a lot of fun to visit on your own, and there was a wait for most of the rides. After a while, I therefore found myself gravitating towards the purikura machines instead. Purikura are super-charged Japanese photo booths with automatic functions to beautify your appearance. No matter what your starting point is, you’ll be processed and airbrushed to look like a Japanese beauty queen, and afterwards, you can decorate your photos with hearts, rainbows and fireflies.

The purikura I tried was actually meant for two persons, so it took a while before it understood that I would be the only one inside. As a matter of fact, the Purikura wasn’t very co-operative, but I somehow managed to get through the session. LOL Those photos of the big-eyed, white-skinned version of me was worth all the trouble!

Read my blog post about purikura here

Joypolis, DECKS Tokyo Beach 3F-5F, 1−6−1 Daiba, Tokyo, Japan

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