Tokyo: Umai Sushikan at Tsukiji

Umai Sushikan, Tsukiji, Tokyo

During my last two days in Tokyo, it was raining non stop, which was quite a shame, since I had planned an early morning trip to Tsukiji fish market. Since I didn’t feel like getting up at 4 in the morning with the rain pouring down my back, and since I had visited Tskuji previously and already seen the tuna auctions, I decided to make my Tskuji visit a lunch excursion instead

My intention was to eat at Sushi Dai, but the line outside was discouragingly long, so I gave up and decided to have lunch at cozy-looking Umai Sushikan instead.

Umai Sushikan in Tskuji is part of a larger chain, but do not let this scare you off, since the place feels really intimate and cozy. I sat down at the counter in order to get an undisturbed view of the chefs demonstrating their skills. I was served green tea in funny cups with pictures and names of various sushis and decided quickly to order the Chef’s Choice menu, which among other goodies included ikura (salmon roe), anago (salt water eel) and uni (sea urchin). It was a lot of sushi, and midway, I already started to feel full. Everything tasted so great and so fresh in a way that you rarely find outside Japan. So delicious.

Another nice sushi chain in Tokyo is Sushi Zanmai. Read about my visit to the Sushi Zanmai honten branch in Tsukiji here

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