Ao Nang: Boat trip to Koh Poda

by Sanne
Koh Poda, Thailand

Those of you, who have followed my blog for a while, know that I’m not a big fan of group excursions. I don’t know whether it’s a work-related injury from my time as a tourist rep, but one of the worst things I know is to be driven around like holiday cattle, without the right to decide when to swim, sunbathe or go to the restroom.

However, I really wanted to show my mom some of the nearby islands so yesterday, we rented our own longtail boat for a day. It cost 1700baht for both of us, which is less than most guided tours, and we could decide ourselves, where we wanted to go, and how long we wished to stay.

Nothing else than transportation was included, so we had to arrange lunch and pay the national park fees ourselves. Our boat didn’t have any lifejackets, but my mom and I are both decent swimmers, so we figured we could keep ourselves afloat until assistance arrived, should the boat sink.

Our first stop was Koh Poda (koh = island in Thai), and we rushed to swim in the beautiful turquoise sea among schools of tiny fish. At the eastern side of Koh Poda, where most boats anchor, there are always lots of tourists, but if you take a short walk to the other side of the island, there’s a much less crowded beach.

Koh Poda also has a couple of food stalls, so if you get hungry, you can buy something to eat. Though, it really hurts to see how people don’t care about cleaning up after themselves. We saw lots of empty food trays and soda cans along with cigarette butts and plastic bags. It’s hard to understand how some people have the heart to scrap down such a beautiful place, and it really makes me angry.

We had actually planned to visit several islands, but we were enjoying Koh Poda so much that we decided to stay there. Our longtail captain had met one of his longtail buddies out there, so it was also fine with him.

At Koh Poda, the sand is whiter than at Ao Nang beach, and the water is so clear, it feels like you’re splashing around in a giant swimming pool. The sun is really strong and even continuous application of SPF20 couldn’t prevent us from getting a bit sunburnt by the end of the day. Though, an aloe vera massage after dinner took care of the worst damage and today we’re going back to Bangkok, so there will be no more sunbathing on this trip.

PS: Trine and my dad chose to stay on dry land, as they didn’t consider longtail boats a safe means of transportation:) They were also off to watch Thai boxing in the evening, so they spent the day relaxing by the pool instead.

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