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Bangkok: My stay at Lebua at State Tower

by Sanne
Lebua at Stay Tower, Bangkok

On our last visit to Bangkok, Poul and I had such a great time we decided to extend our stay for a couple of days. We had been staying at Shangri-La during the first part of our trip, but it was fully booked for the rest of the week, so instead we checked in at Lebua State Tower on the other side of the road.

Yes, Lebua at State Tower is the hotel they stay at in The Hangover movie, and yes, I think they’re still getting a lot of bookings on that account. Though to be honest, all the hype seems to have gotten to their heads, and with our stay at Shangri-La fresh in mind, Lebua appeared rather underwhelming. 

We had a Tower Club room, and it was huge, but without the nice, luxurious touch that the room we stayed in at Shangri-La had so plenty of. The interior was not very different from your average American motel room, with the exception of the spacious bathroom which had beautiful marble furnishing and very nice Mandarina Duck amenities. The view was amazing, but unfortunately, for safety reasons, the balcony door was locked.

Our booking included access to the Club Lounge, which had a big outdoor terrace and an absolutely amazing view of the city. The food in the lounge was not very good, but I would still highly recommend that you get a Club Lounge pass, as you do not want to miss this incredible photo opportunity, if you are staying at Lebua. The staff in the lounge was also very friendly and accommodating (best staff we met during our stay), which made the lounge a nice place to hang out.

The breakfast buffet was served at the restaurant next to the pool (can’t remember the name of the restaurant) and it was a nice buffet with a good selection of Western and Asian food. I still haven’t dined at the hotel’s famous rooftop restaurant Sirocco, as it is outrageously expensive, and I am not convinced that it is worth the price tag.

The famous Sky Bar at Lebua is known as the world’s highest outdoor bar, and from a sight-seeing perspective, I guess it is worth a visit. Though as a bar experience, Sky Bar disappoints. The drinks are served in plastic glasses and there are not enough seating available. The staff is rather rude, and be prepared to be treated like cattle on the way from the elevator to the bar.

Lebua at State Tower has a 5-star rating on most booking sites, but the overall standard feels more like 4 stars. Though compared to the other luxury hotels (there are plenty) in this part of Silom, Lebua is usually more affordable, so if you want a comfortable stay in the best part of Silom (and want to be able to tell your friends that you have stayed at The Hangover hotel), then maybe Lebua would be a good choice.

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