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Bangkok: Fried Curry Crab at Somboon Seafood

by Sanne

Somboon Seafood is a very popular seafood restaurant chain in Bangkok. The original restaurant opened back in 1969, and their signature fried curry crab has turned into legend.

The fried curry crab is a feast to your palate more than to your eyes (admittedly, it looks like someone got sick on your plate), but I promise that you will forget everything about any aesthetic shortcomings, after the first mouthful. Slightly oily and smooth as silk, -this is incredibly delicious! The curry flavor accentuates the inherent sweetness of the crab meat, making it one of those dishes that you just can’t stop eating, and when you eventually do, you are already wondering, how and when to get your next fix. And what a generous serving! I double-checked with the staff to ensure that this was indeed a small crab, and yes, it was.

I had ordered a bowl of rice along with the curry, but it never showed up. Though it didn’t matter much, as the crab was tasty on its own, and I wasn’t charged for the rice. I also had a deep-fried grouper with crispy basil, chili, and lots and lots of garlic. There was enough garlic to keep the entire vampire population in Bangkok at a safe distance for the days to follow. The grouper came with a mix of fish sauce, chili and lime, in which you could dip the chunks of crispy white fish, to add an extra kick.

I was once told that in Thailand, you never flip the fish around when eating it, because it means that a ship will sink. Instead you remove the bone and finish the fish from the side you started from. I’ve later heard that this is just rubbish, and nobody cares what you do to the fish, but I still try not to flip it:)

The crab and the grouper were sold by weight, and you could choose among size small, medium and large. I had a small grouper and a small fried curry crab, which would have been more than enough to share for 2-3 persons. I also had a fresh coconut, and the total bill was just above 1000THB. A very reasonable price for all that tasty food.

  • The servings are large, so try to go with a couple of friends, so you can try more dishes
  • It would have been nice with wet wipes for your hands before and after getting down and dirty with the crab. I didn’t ask for wet wipes, and maybe they just forgot to bring me some, but otherwise I suggest that you bring your own.
  • There is always a long line outside the Surawong branch, so spare yourself the wait and book a table in advance on their website.
  • Somboon is very popular so watch out for scammers trying to convince you that the restaurant is closed, or luring you into going to one of the fake Somboon restaurants with almost identical names but exorbitantly high prices.

Somboon Seafood, 169, 169/7-12, Surawong Road, Bangkok

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